Saturday 12 May 2012

Searching For Driveways

As any business that has had a website for any length of time will know, there is one thing above all else that is most important when it comes to Website Design.

It isn't what the website looks like, nor how fast it loads, how often it is updated or even how many visitors it receives. It is whether or not they get any enquiries from it.

True, all of the above may affect that outcome to some degree, but the one thing that will guarantee a website doesn't produce customers is if they don't know it is there in the first place.

If your website doesn't appear in the first two pages of Google results for relevant search terms, then unless you're doing a lot of self promoting by other methods, the chances of getting any new customers from it are zero.

The act of ensuring such all important search engine rankings is known as Search Engine Optimisation, the cost of which depends on the products or services a business is offering and the level of competition in their target area for those products and services. For example, a hotel in Blackpool will require much more effort than a farrier in Lancaster.

As part of the Web Development process, EasierThan Website Design will work hard with your available budget to ensure the best search results, giving you an honest evaluation of what is possible and what isn't.

For an example of our work, take a look at one of our recent customers, Northern Cobblestone of Poulton-le-Fylde, who offer pattern imprinted concrete driveways, patios, paths, steps and more throughout Blackpool, Preston, Lancaster and the wider Lancashire and North West area.

Thanks to a successful campaign, they're now receiving calls from all over Lancashire. A search for the terms 'Driveways Blackpool', 'Stamped Concrete Driveways Preston' or 'Pattern Imprinted Concrete Driveways Lancaster' or any combination of the three all now feature their website in the first or second page results.

So, if you have a website that isn't getting you the results you'd hoped for, get in touch via our main website and give us a try.

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