Saturday 22 October 2011

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Friday 14 October 2011

Customer Focus (Scaffolding Contractors, Lancashire)

Apex Scaffolders are scaffolding contractors operating throughout Blackpool, Lancashire and the wider North West area.

Their services include:
and much more...

Over 25 Years Experience

Over the years Apex Scaffolders have worked on every aspect of scaffolding services, from projects for private households through to multi-national organisations. They have a range of skills from a basic house refurbishment to complex design work.

Highly Trained

Additionally, their highly trained and accredited workforce keeps up with the latest industry developments in both scaffolding and health and safety.


Apex Scaffolders head office is in Fleetwood, Lancashire from where they operate throughout Blackpool, Preston, Lancaster and the wider North West area.

Badminton Association Website Template Launched

EasierThan Website Design are proud to announce the launch of BaddersWeb.

BaddersWeb is a badminton association website template software solution for badminton associations and leagues, which features a user-friendly content management system back-end for update by specified association league members.

It was developed in conjunction with Blackpool & District Badminton Association and as such is built with regular badminton players in mind.

The software is a re-usable template solution that can quickly be deployed to another association or league, but also with the necessary flexibility to add more features as required.


Both the public facing front-end and admin back-end of BaddersWeb are feature rich, including club, league, cup, tournament, inter-league (town teams), news, association history, downloads, officers, committee information and more.

If you represent a badminton association or league and are looking for an affordable well featured website solution that allows you to easily control your own content, then BaddersWeb is for you.


In creating the product, we know that most badminton associations and leagues do not have bottomless coffers, so we've made a number of pricing models available for you to choose from.

More Information

For more information about BaddersWeb, please take a look at the main website:

Life of a Web Developer

As per our About Us page, this is an official blog for EasierThan Website Design.

For that reason, we can't really feature any strong language or opinions or anything else that might be considered controversial.

But that doesn't mean we can't tell you where to get them...

So, ever wondered what it's like to be a web developer? Take a look at the following personal blog posts from EasierThan founder, Dave Barton to find out.

Why being a Web Developer is interesting…

An interesting article that suggests our lives aren't
actually as dull as non-techies might expect. Although you still might not agree after you've read it.

How much should a web page cost?

Fairly self explanatory. During the early days, we perhaps priced ourselves a little low. Necessary to get the work when you're starting up, but it kind of throws minimum wage out of the window.

I Hate Google Instant!!!

self explanatory. Sometimes new features in established and popular products are not always very well received!

This time next year Rodders, I DON’T want to be a millionaire…

A fascinating post that examines a disturbing trend in British small businesses for being content not to expand and make more money.

Why I strongly dislike Search Engines!!

A look at the pitfalls and questionable necessity for Search Engine Optimisation. Is a better solution on the horizon?

To disable right click or not to disable right click?

An example of the things we web developers have to tackle in our daily lives. An interesting article even from a user perspective.

Swap yer for a driveway?

Sadly not to be in the instance concerned, but a nice thought that a web developer might sometimes be able to trade their skills for those of another tradesman.

Cryptic Computing (Quiz Round)

And finally proof that we also relax every now and then. If you're also a developer or techie of some kind, try your hand at this unique and original quiz.

Customer Focus (Concrete Driveways, Blackpool)

Northern Cobblestone specialise in high quality pattern imprinted concrete installations, including:
They also offer a Pattern Imprinted Concrete Repairs service for existing installations, including restoration and resealing.

Flexible Paving Solution

Steps, ramps and other features such as LED uplighting can also easily be incorporated into the design. And wherever you can reasonably lay a path, you can install pattern imprinted concrete.

Its also suitable for forecourts, walkways, courtyards, pool decks, shopping centres, car parks, stableyards, theme parks and many other commercial paving applications.


As an alternative to Block Paving and Indian Stone, pattern imprinted concrete offers a number of benefits as follows:
  • No sinking or spreading
  • Oil and stain resistant
  • No weeds
  • Low maintenance
  • 25% harder than standard concrete
  • Fade free colours

Northern Cobblestone are based in Poulton-le-Fylde on the Fylde Coast with many customers throughout Blackpool, Preston, Lancaster and the wider Lancashire area.

New Website Designs

At EasierThan Website Design we believe in creating functional and practical designs that are clean in appearance, well organised, easy to navigate, optimised for search engines, work well on all platforms and conform to W3C accessibility standards.

For that reason, we tend to stick to fairly simple templates that are easily adaptable and as a result, many of our earlier sites were very similar in appearance.

And after all, "if it ain't broke, don't fix it!". That said though, we thought we'd share a few of our recent efforts that stand out a little from previous sites, two of which were reproduced from non-flexible, non-compliant sites created by third parties.

Apex Scaffolders

Scaffolding Contractors in Fleetwood, Lancashire

This website started life with just four pages, hence the use of the single column layout.

To produce more content for Google to index, it has since grown to include over a dozen pages related to types of scaffolding services.

As these are intended as landing pages for Google searches rather than essential reading for a website visitor, the single column layout has been retained.

Roberts & Co Financial Planning

Independent Financial Advisors in Preston, Lancashire

A very appealing design featuring a banner image that is slightly larger than we would normally advocate.

It takes up a little too much of the browser window when viewed on a lower resolution device.

However the customer really liked the simple imagery created for their original website and as it nicely reflected financial planning and advice matters, they asked could they keep it when EasierThan redesigned the website.

We took the existing images and made them slightly wider and shorter and adapted the design to stretch and shrink to fit screen resolutions as low as 800x600.

Northern Cobblestone

Pattern Imprinted Concrete in Blackpool, Lancashire

A pleasing adaptation of our standard website template featuring a logo designed by us for the customer.

Early SEO efforts for the site proved very successful and they quickly achieved top rankings for Concrete Driveways Blackpool and similar terms.

As can be the case though, competitors then stepped up their game causing them to slip a number of places. Efforts are now therefore underway to restore that early lead.

Call for a Quote

This is just a small selection of what we can do. If you find a website template you like, chances are that with some effort we can recreate and adapt it to be as user-friendly as the above examples.

If you like what you see or want to know more, visit our website and give us a call for a quote.