Saturday 12 May 2012

Fresh Website Design for EasierThan Site

Whilst working hard on your client's websites, it is perhaps too easy to forget your own and leave it to stagnate, omitting to update content as you tackle new and bigger projects.

So, with a little free time, we set to work creating a fresh new Website Design for the EasierThan Website Design main site, which will also be replicated on holding sites whilst they are under development or their domain name is up for sale.

The new site is also set to benefit from some extra efforts at Search Engine Optimisation in order to push it up in Google and other search engines.

And to help potential customers in their decision making, we've added lots of screenshots of our previous works, along with significant extra text describing the various types of website available and why you might want each of them.

We've remained true to form though in not making it too technical. After all, the reason for asking us to develop a website for you is that you don't want to have to learn how to do it yourself.

Right, I guess we'd better to get back to working on some customers' websites now!

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