Thursday 20 December 2012

Single Page Websites (Capturing Specific Searches)

There are a number of cases where single page websites are suitable for a business.

For example, where you want to target a specific Google search for a service or product or where there isn't much you need to say about your business and / or you just want the site as a reference to point potential customers to that you have gained elsewhere.

It is all depends on the number of keywords and phrases you want to appear in a Google search for. The more products or services you offer and the greater the competition in your target area, the more web pages you will need.

Specific Keyword Sites

The following three stand-alone sites are examples of capturing very specific searches with links to direct potential customers to the main website:

Holding Websites

A single page website featuring your logo, business name, address and telephone numbers can also be useful as a holding page for an email address or domain registration where you want to reserve a domain name, but aren't ready to create a website yet.

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