Friday 3 March 2017

Customer Focus (Mobility Scooters, Cumbria)

Cumbria Mobility offer a large range of mobility equipment products from the leading brands in the UK. They work directly with those affected with mobility and disability issues, along with care industry professionals.

They do not sell their products online as they believe everyone has specific needs and are driven to providing a product fit for a specific person's needs.

Mobility Services

Their mobility services include:


Cumbria Mobility also offer the Motability scheme, a worry-free way of leasing a scooter or power chair. The scheme includes insurance, breakdown recovery and even repairs and servicing. This allows the scheme members to enjoy independence whilst protecting you from unexpected costs.

Throughout Cumbria and Beyond

Cumbria Mobility work throughout Cumbria and much of Lancashire, Dumfries and Galloway. They have showrooms in Carlisle and Workington. If you cant make it to a showroom they offer free, no obligation home assessments.

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