Monday 28 November 2011

Possibly the best ISP in the United Kingdom?

Okay, before we go any further, we ought to state that the contents of this blog are the opinions of EasierThan Website Design and are based on our own experiences.

Readers are advised therefore to refer to our Disclaimer for a full clarification of our position.

The Best?

As web developers with over 15 years experience of working with different ISPs, we've experienced everything from an acceptable level of service to over 20 emails required to resolve a single issue.

For the first time ever though we have encountered an ISP that we would actually be happy to recommend to a friend. Our current ISP, PipeTen, provide the fastest, friendliest and clearest level of support that we have ever encountered.

And for a website design business, support is the most important factor to consider.


Some are cheaper than others, but these days ISPs are all fairly standard in the services they provide and the level of uptime they offer. The real test comes when you want to do something a little bit more unusual than a straight HTML website or something goes wrong at their end.

We eluded to it above, but one of our previous ISPs (who shall remain nameless, except to say that they are a leading UK hosting supplier currently advertising on TV) regularly required in excess of 10 emails to resolve even the simplest of problems.

Their record was the unresolved issue that caused us to ditch them, which required over 20 emails from ourselves and went on for more than three weeks!

In contrast, from our experience, support calls with PipeTen are typically resolved satisfactorily in 1-2 emails and under 30 minutes.

Credit Where Due

We all know how easy it is to complain when we get bad service and how rare it is that we reward good service. We'd love to give you a list of the lemons we've dealt with over time, but as this is an official site, we're not sure it is the right place.

Instead, we'll say many thanks to Jamie, Gavin, Carl, Matthew, Grenville and the rest of the PipeTen team. Keep up the good work guys!

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